Puppy or Dog?

When I'm not buried in work or delighting in visiting Tarma every night, there's an ongoing struggle I keep going back to. We're still healing from loosing Cyrus (a process that never really ends), and slowly shifting towards maybe being ready to find our next dog. However, Cyrus set such a ridiculously high bar, even... Continue Reading →

Pedicure Day

I'm a few days late in posting this, as it's been an extraordinarily rough week at the tail end of a dumpster fire year. Cyrus passed away unexpectedly last week and not a day goes by I'm not crying, feeling like I've lost a limb. Cyrus was a Very Good Dog, and missing him so... Continue Reading →

Remembering Cyrus

First off, Fuck 2020. Can't say it any more forcefully than that. I'm writing this from my friend's house where I'm temporarily boarding my new horse, while the three kids are doing schoolwork and three adults are on work calls. Secondly, I really, deeply appreciate everyone's heartfelt comments and thoughts. Seeing point one, I know... Continue Reading →

The hardest post

I thought the post I wrote after Flash died so unexpectedly was the hardest one I would write this year. Fuck that, said 2020. Horse shenanigans enablers Today is the hardest, weirdest day I've ever had. I left home early this morning, after checking on Cyrus and confirming my husband knew how to care for... Continue Reading →

The Best Dog

This post is pretty heavy, so if you're in a fragile space yourself right now, I do recommend skipping it. Here's some pretty pictures to bury the lead..... I know shouting "THIS YEAR FUCKING SUCKS" is nothing new for literally everyone on the planet, but my brain is basically screaming that all the time now,... Continue Reading →

Possible New View

I've been quietly conducting a new partner search while juggling as much overtime at work as I can, so all thanks to the organizational abilities of Excel. For some it might seem like too short a time, but we all grieve differently and horses are a huge part of me. To not have one to... Continue Reading →

Don’t Dare 2020

Flash hasn't even been gone a month and already my stress levels are spiking and my coping mechanisms have stagnated. I didn't quite realize how essential daily barn time was to my psyche until I had it ripped away, even though I'd had only just over a year of daily horse kisses and slobber. Between... Continue Reading →

Uphill Trudge

As much as I miss Flash for himself and how excellent he was, I also miss the certainty he provided, the every day rhythm. Kid, dog and husband all knew where I would be around 7pm every night and most Saturdays, and usually some combination of the three would join me to take care of... Continue Reading →

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