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Joining Up

I’ve been pursuing endurance riding with a more or less singular focus for 5 years now (Thanks Facebook for the reminder!). When I say singular, I mean I have a life and a kid and a fiance, but as far as hobby time goes, I’m undistracted by trail courses or […]

Spring prep!

With Grizzly in my sights one way or another and miles under saddle planned, it’s time to look at that aspect of endurance riding I tend to…not give as much attention to: camping comfortably. As a lifelong camper, I’m fairly dialed in on tossing stuff in the car, finding a […]

Keeping up with a redhead

As part of my (mostly) single minded goal to step up in endurance this season, I’m so happy to be able to afford a partial lease on a red headed Quarter Horse named Ray. He’s impeccably trained and cared for by my new trainer Terraka, and this Sunday we went […]

The Night Mare

Externally, things are looking up. It’s my inner lizard brain that’s having issues accepting this concept. I have had nightmares off and on since my son was born, usually way too early in the morning, from which I cannot wake myself up. I know it’s a dream but I’m stuck, […]

It’s not writer’s block…

I’ve never really subscribed the theory of writer’s block. You either write, or you don’t, and I’ve always been writing. Even if I’m not blogging, which is separate for me, I’m still writing somewhere, ideas and characters and weird experiences and thoughts spilling out. I’m going on five months at […]

Endorphins Are Good

Pssst Vicki! I know the terrible, awful, no good weather is here to stay, but I need a hit of this view! It’s been too long since I’ve had my Jokker fix! Running with a dog is incomparably better than shuffling alone. It’s the difference between dancing the Electric Slide […]

Hey, Drivers!

As a driver myself (60 miles a day for my normal commute alone) I get it. You sit high & dry in a 1-2 ton vehicle, designed with your safety in mind. You’ve got kids to pick up (I have one); you’re late to work (I’m in trial service at […]

How many words for cold?

Actual mother fucking icicles hanging off my college library roof. I hate the cold. I spent part of my childhood in the blissful, baking, dry heat of Arizona, just north of Phoenix. I survived five whole stinking cold, snow bound winters in Vermont, and ran back home to more temperate Oregon […]

A stumbling start

A super quick post cause the dog and I are waiting in the truck together for the kid to finish his swim lessons. Behold, hear ye hear ye, read all about it….My start to NaNoWriMo 2017! The Aliens Are Spying On Us “Red sky at morning, sailor take warning. Red […]

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