This is Halloween…

Welp, it’s November people, and that means NaNoWriMo is upon us. If you think I don’t blog much normally, November can be…empty. But it’s a good place to ‘report’ on my goals (my blog! me!) so here goes, as I sit on a really squeeky morning train: 

  • Only ran once last week out of the three I was aiming for, trudging around the little dirt track at Kade’s school while he found every puddle he can. Right now I’m at a slightly hard fought 16 minute mile. Ha!
  • My novel for the month is a slightly different version of what I’ve been working on, about ex-military vets and their lives and animals and relationships, despite not being ex-military myself I want to train dogs someday so it’s a good chance to do some deep research into the topic and stretch out of my mommy-work-mommy zone.

  • New job is still going awesome, in the thick of billing and reporting and being part of the ‘Party Planning Committee.’ Also the boss gave me permission to work from home when Kade has a day off, so whew! Since he has 8 days off in November….
  • Halloween was epic! Kade got to trick or treat twice, once with his cousins while Tom and I drove home and once with us just around our awesome neighborhood. Kid’s loaded with candy so now I get to play candy monster and dole it out in no rational or consistant fashion. Life lessons kid.
  • Tom’s home for good for awhile, so I’ve forgotten how to cook again but I don’t sleep alone so that evens out pretty well.
  • Happy writing all!

Not there quite yet

I usually exercise at night, after work, sometimes before dinner, sometimes right before shower & sleep. But Friday morning I say “screw this” & joined a local runner’s group, hauling myself out of bed before 5am, fully dressed. I creeped out of the house with my Camelbak waist hydration belt (which I love/hate, since it never stays put). I drove to the local elementary school & met two people who also dragged themselves out of bed & into the dark, rainy morning.
I made it four blocks before they left me behind. Beginner runners, my lovely large buttocks.
Although I didn’t do too badly personally-1.2 miles in 15 minutes-they still were long gone by the time I had worked out the kinks & warmed up enough to continue…just in time to have to get back home so Tom could go to work, & I could do dishes before waking the kid up & beginning the day.
Despite how much that experience totally sucked, my day rocked. I ate well under my calories for the day, & I felt like I had a coffee buzz all day, alert & sharp & endlessly moving forward. I usually feel this for a few hours from 9am to noon or so, but exercising before work keeps that feeling up all day. Which is a hard thing to remember in the warm, soft, cuddly dark of the bedroom, kid & cat & boyfriend snoring away & the sun isn’t even a thought on the horizon yet. What insane person wants to be up & sweating that early?

I do, I just have to remind myself of this every morning the alarm goes off at such an ungodly hour, how well it sets me up for the day. I have also started following runners blogs and Instagrams as another way to get motivated, and trying to narrow down to one or two half marathons to try this summer. 
In other news, I’m now hunting for my third hydration pack. I have two Camelbaks, one a belt, one a backpack. They both ride up/don’t stay put. I want a vest, possibly, something I don’t have to fumble with a bottle but that will stay in place without rubbing & bouncing. Time to hit up REI again & see what they’ve got. It’s not such an issue on the treadmill, but I much prefer trail running (I don’t sound so loud outside at least).