Trailers are tricky

I know throughout the years we’ve asked (or told) our horses to load into pretty much anything. From tiny “two horse” trailers to truck beds, they’ll follow us anywhere. It behooves us to give them the best possible transportation, for what we ask of them is hard, and usually fun (we hope).

Take your alfalfa and shove it, human

My best friend, with amazing generosity, gifted me her old two horse black trailer a few years ago…and boy did Flash and I hate it. I refused to haul him in it more than a handful of times and felt awful and stressed each time. I sold it to a lady who planned to to turn it into a mobile sauna for rafters and skiers; a better fate than asking another horse to travel in it. With those funds another friend gave me a screaming deal on my current trailer.

Post ride snack time

The Morgan Built is a solid trailer and I won’t feel guilty selling her on for other horses. My husband and I have put a lot of work into it, cleaning up most of the rust, repainting, new tires and bearings, water tank and camera, and careful, always changing organization. For the friend I’m selling it to, it’ll be a solid trailer for years to come.

All the decals!

But not for Tarma and I…at least after October. I finalized my order today for a custom built, two horse Double D trailer, to be Tarma’s BMW for years to come. Here’s a partial list why I went with a Double D (which financially is a bit of a stretch) compared to the quotes I received for Trails West, Hawk and Thoru-built (among many others I researched):

My future trailer!
  • Super high quality construction, materials and in depth thought process for the benefit of the horse
  • My best friend has one and Tarma much prefers it and I’ve been drooling over it for years
  • Custom build directly from the factory (which means I won’t get it till October but ah well)
  • Side load with larger front stall, reverse facing hauling with ramps! Never have to turn around and more comfortable for Tarma.
  • Electrical system and battery, so I can plug in my phone and some other small electronics (with option to add a solar panel later)
  • Swing out, fully enclosed Safetack (as opposed to collapsable rear tack)
  • Fully insulated, dressing room and horse area standard, no more instant mold!
  • It’s so pretty!
  • Lightweight and my current truck will handle it no problems
  • Ordered entirely by email, super nice for “Please don’t call me”
  • Rumbar flooring
  • It’s well ventilated, bright and inviting
  • I ordered an extra large dressing room to hold my cot, with a walk thru door (again standard) so I’ll just need to add a cowboy shower and portable toilet for comfort

While I have to keep using the current trailer until October (insert very small whine) I’m so looking forward to not starting out every adventure with a stressful load and haul. Tarma will load now, but she tells me clearly she doesn’t love the current trailer…while she loads onto friends trailers without hesitation. Partly that’s due to being hauled with a friend and partly due to the ride itself.

Hold in there a few more months Boss Mare, and I’m really going to upgrade your ride! This is going to be just the kind of jump my husband made from his faithful little Scion…to his comfortable and fast BMW. Happy husband, happy wife, happier Boss Mare.

My best friend’s Double D and a slightly skeptical Boss Mare

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After years of borrowing horses, working to ride and catch riding, I finally have my own horse, a spicy chocolate mare...but also a demanding day job (who doesn't?), a nerdy husband, a soccer loving kid who needs to be parented (by me, duh), and the ultimate trail buddy, a chocolate Labradork!

2 thoughts on “Trailers are tricky

  1. This is so exciting for you congratulations! I am just starting to learn how to trailer for the first time this year. I’m both nervous and excited. I bought a gooseneck and plan to do a lot of camping trips with it.

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  2. What a nice trailer. I am excited for you. My trailer is not nearly as nice but I stil love having it so I am sure having a trailer your horse likes will make traveling even better for you. Remus would load in a soup can I am pretty sure 🙂 HA!

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