Oh, For A Nap…and some goals

Through a combination of Herculean effort and light sleeping, I can officially declare it’s been one week since Benny’s last accident in the house, and he’s never had one in the kennel. I know we’ve only had him home just over two weeks, but I’m celebrating the wins as they come. I’d known going into new puppydom that a full, uninterrupted night’s sleep was going to be pushed out a bit, not that it’s any easier to deal with once you’re in it. Kade’s help around the house and taking shifts with Benny so I could cat nap has been instrumental to my sanity this week, so kudo’s to the kiddo.

Other pupdates include: We’ve had our first vet visit here at home, he got his next hit of vaccines and a microchip, the only concerns being he’s got worms, ugh. He knows his name, loves the kennel in our room but not the living room, and sadly is not the biggest fan of travelling in the truck. I feel a little torn about this, I pushed it a bit as my two choices this week were either leave him home alone or bring him along to run Kade around to his various shin digs, and I opted to bring him so he could explore places a bit, which he does enjoy. He’s not nauseas at least, just uncertain. My one goal for the week is to introduce him to a backpack, so I can carry him and hike with Tarma while the kid rides until he’s big enough to walk farther.

Tarma telling me she doesn’t want to pose for photos, she wants dinner! Jokes on her, I fussed with her for an hour before she got fed

My one regret with bringing home a puppy is my workout efforts have been completely derailed. I’m not gaining any more weight but I’m stagnant, but what matters more is fitness and even though Tarma and I did alright at Quinn together, neither of us have really done any work since then. I have a swim pass and I like swimming, but it requires someone home to watch the pup. I’m also trying to bike more, though I need a new seat to make that more comfortable, but again, Benny can’t come along yet. I was half heartedly doing some yoga, but can’t muster the energy or oomph these past couple weeks. My kettlebells were last touched by the kid as a toy. Last time I lost a bunch of weight and got fit enough (for my happiness) I had a hard and fast, long desired goal: The surrogacy. Without a big goal like that to aim for and hold myself accountable to, I’m rudderless. There’s plenty of goals to choose from, which I’ve been holding off committing to one until we’re through the first burst of puppy hood and Kade’s back in school (whatever that looks like this year, like many folks I’m both anxious to send my kid back and deeply concerned, as his age range can’t be vaccinated yet).

Goals on my list for the next year with Tarma include:

The biggest thing that’s going to get us closer to doing all those is just consistency, riding and exercising at least twice a week. It’s just a struggle to do anything but day to day, and before Benny came home I was more anxious and upset about this. Thankfully with a puppy the mood in the house has lifted, even as the news drags on.

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After years of borrowing horses, working to ride and catch riding, I finally have my own horse, a spicy chocolate mare...but also a demanding day job (who doesn't?), a nerdy husband, a soccer loving kid who needs to be parented (by me, duh), and the ultimate trail buddy, a chocolate Labradork!

One thought on “Oh, For A Nap…and some goals

  1. What a cute puppy. Almost every dog I’ve gotten has been anxious about the car. Short car trips to a fun place has helped. Some natural anxiety chews have helped for long drives. They will eventually get over it with a little encouragement. Those short drives for a full walk can help you with your exercise goals too (a little anyway). Puppyhood won’t last forever and you are making progress. Good job as a dog mom!

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