Putting in the work

Having my husband home is a boon in so many different ways, not only because I love him but because I was able to sneak in Tarma’s first lesson with my trainer this morning. I took the puppy but left the kid at home, still sleeping. Tarma handled herself so well, only throwing mare face once. She was alert but not stressed about it, despite a brand new arena and person riding her and asking her to do hard things, like bend off a leg or half halt. She was engaged and willing and thoughtful, if a little confused as to what she was being asked at times, as despite all our trail rides she’s mostly green broke. This trainer has a relaxing and easy going way about her, besides being a fantastic rider who starts a lot of beautiful horses and brings along fantastic trail partners. Even though both Tarma and I have a lot to work on in the ring (mainly me riding from my seat with my body in the correct position and her responding to it versus wiggling all over the place), she never makes us feel inadequate or shamed for where we are. Plus, it’s always nice when someone else is impressed by your animals! One goal I didn’t mention yesterday is joining my trainer and the groups she goes camping with more often, it’s a friendly, entertaining set of folks of all age ranges who are super supportive of each other. And most of them are charmed by my kid and don’t mind hanging out with him!

I know what’s she saying is like Horse Riding 101 stuff, but it feels good to hear it anyway!

I’ve also, finally, cracked open a book I purchased with my gift certificate from Backyard Horse Blog, “Fit & Focused in 25”. I’m starting with Week 1 and moving through it, mentally and physically to build myself back up. I almost forgot how much more capable I feel of doing all the things when I’ve slept at least 6 hours in a row, which I did last night (as the husband is now home and the kid took one night shift potty break for me).

ALSO, IT TOTALLY RAINED ON MY HAUL TO THE BARN TODAY. Yes this is in all caps as the relief from dry, drippy skies cannot be overstated. RAIN! And not a few drops, but enough I need my wipers on! I know some folks are dreading the return of winter and SAD, but this year I’m not. I’ve got my Artic Skirt, bring on the long, rainy, cool, drippy days of riding without worrying about fire.

Happy faces!

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After years of borrowing horses, working to ride and catch riding, I finally have my own horse, a spicy chocolate mare...but also a demanding day job (who doesn't?), a nerdy husband, a soccer loving kid who needs to be parented (by me, duh), and the ultimate trail buddy, a chocolate Labradork!

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