Sore but solid

Yesterday I joined several other OET (Oregon Equestrian Trails) members in some vigerous leaf raking, followed by an excellent but too quick solo trail ride. We rake big leaf maple and other leaves off the trails so they don’t turn into a slick, muddy, boggy mess in the winter. Tarma stayed tied to the trailer while I worked, so she was a bit fresh and wanted to trot down a slick, steep hill but after a quick discussion (making her back down the trail for a few feet instead) she settled in for a wonderful ride and we closed daylight down before heading home. Every step counts and it feels like we’re really getting in sync lately. Good spicy chocolate mare!

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After years of borrowing horses, working to ride and catch riding, I finally have my own horse, a spicy chocolate mare...but also a demanding day job (who doesn't?), a nerdy husband, a soccer loving kid who needs to be parented (by me, duh), and the ultimate trail buddy, a chocolate Labradork!

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