Double D Update

I love my trailer. I adore having it parked in front of my house, so I can tinker with it endlessly. I appreciate falling asleep to the sounds of Tarma eating from her hay net, and waking up to her screaming because she needs to pee and dislikes having to do so on the Hi Tie. My satisfaction is deep and lasting when I climb in, close the curtains and give myself a quick baby wipe “shower” as I change for bed, into clean PJs not contaminated by dust or hay or bugs. On solo trips I lean back with a drink and read a book on my cot, my phone plugged into charge and snacks easy at hand. When packing I can tell more or less at a glance if I have everything (though every trip I discover things I should have brought, like large trash bags or a can opener). When someone fetches something for me, it’s easy for them to find, or put away. Benny has spent several hours dozing alone with a fan on while we rode, safe and sound. Most of all, I love the freedom and comfort, every trip starts much more relaxed and it tows smooth as glass.

Since I took delivery last November, Tarma has spent around 150 hours hauling in it for trips and day hauls, both solo and with a friend’s horse. Her longest haul was 6 hours straight, up and home from the Cross State Ride. It is absurdly easy to feed her beet pulp mash at road stops through the drop down windows, and adjusting the temperature in the trailer is doable with all the windows, vents and fans. I can tell she’s so much more comfortable through the cameras, she no longer dances around when big rigs or motorcycles pass us. She more or less self loads now without complaint, though she does get testy when her gelding friend isn’t loaded as fast as she’d like.

My husband has helped immensely with every aspect, from the finances to little things that make life easier. He recently purchased a 3D printer and a design program, and he’s whipped up door holders for the dressing and tack room doors, a scoop to keep air moving over my back up camera so rain and dust doesn’t blur it, cups for the Hi-Ties so they don’t scrape the sides (and installed both Hi-Ties!). He’s also cut and stained my lovely corner shelves, as well as printed brackets and installed my awesome wire shelf, where I keep lighter items, like my extra set of saddle bags and my clean clothes while camping. When he comes home and can’t find me, he wanders out to the trailer, where I’m usually futzing or napping or just hanging out.

I really only have two complaints, both fairly minor. One, the paint is a tad thin, I use heavy duty magnets for a lot of things and popping them off can peel the paint right off unfortunately. It’s auto paint and the maker sent me the code, so I just need to buy a small pot for touch ups. As time goes on, I regret more and more not getting an electric jack, but that’s something which is easily upgradable in the future (hello, anniversary present…). Future upgrades include a box on the tongue for the battery and emergency road gear; LED light strip around the top for night loading; solar panels on the roof; and of course, more stickers. I won’t stop adding stickers until the walk thru door looks like an old VW bus!

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After years of borrowing horses, working to ride and catch riding, I finally have my own horse, a spicy chocolate mare...but also a demanding day job (who doesn't?), a nerdy husband, a soccer loving kid who needs to be parented (by me, duh), and the ultimate trail buddy, a chocolate Labradork!

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